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Decreasing Numbers of Younger Homeowners in Luton

Decreasing Numbers of Younger Homeowners in Luton

Patrick Cook, 38-year-old father of two from Luton, was out house hunting. It was a pleasant August Saturday afternoon, and our man cycles along on his bike. He cycles up a street of suburban semis, where he spots a few retired mature neighbours, chatting to each other over the garden fence. He leans his bicycle […]

Luton Buy-to-Let Return / Yields – 2.6% to 8.2% a year

Luton Buy-to-Let Return / Yields – 2.6% to 8.2% a year

The mind-set and tactics you employ to buy your first Luton buy to let property needs to be different to the tactics and methodology of buying a home for yourself to live in. The main difference is when purchasing your own property, you may well pay a little more to get the home you (and […]

Slowing Luton Property Market? Yes and No!

Slowing Luton Property Market? Yes and No!

My thoughts to the landlords and homeowners of Luton… The tightrope of being a Luton buy-to-let landlord is a balancing act many do well at. Talking to several Luton landlords, they are very conscious of their tenants’ capacity and ability to pay the rent and their own need to raise rents on their rental properties […]

Luton Property Market and Mysterious Politics of the General Election

As the dust starts to settle on the various unread General Election party manifestos, with their ‘bran-bucket’ made up numbers, life goes back to normal as political rhetoric on social media is replaced with pictures of cats and people’s lunch. Joking aside though, all the political parties promised so much on the housing front in […]

Luton Homeowners and their £2.76 billion Debt

Over the last 12 months, the UK has decided to leave the EU, have a General Election with a result that didn’t go to plan for Mrs May and to add insult to injury, our American cousins elected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. It could be said this should have […]

Luton’s New 3 Speed Property Market

“What’s happening to the Luton Property Market” is a question I am asked repeatedly. Well, would it be a surprise to hear that my own research suggests that there isn’t just one big Luton property market – but many small micro-property markets? According to recent data released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), I […]

Luton’s 7,173 Mortgage Time-Bombs?

According to my research, of the 77,462 properties in Luton, 33,208 of those properties have mortgages on them. 82.9% of those mortgaged properties are made up of owner-occupiers and the rest are buy to let landlords (with a mortgage). … but this is the concerning part .. 7,173 of those Luton mortgages are interest only. […]

Luton council consider licencing the towns landlords

The towns’ private rented sector is growing year on year and now makes up a significantpart of Luton’s overall housing market. The council state that they are considering taking steps to help improve the standards of living for all tenants ensuring they have a safe warm and affordable home allowing them to live in a sustainable community.

What does this mean for landlords of Luton?

For now this change is only in the consultation phase, however if approved it could mean that every private landlord in Luton (or their appointed managing agent) requires a certificate before they can let out their investment property. A certificate would be required for each individual property that a landlord owns.

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